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This is the’s sitemap. All the pages of this site are put together here in one place for easy navigation. So if you are looking for angel gifts, angel information or any other topic, you will find it here.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • This sitemap has been grouped into different sections: art, guardian angels, music, etc.

  • You will find that some pages are listed under several sections. I don’t want to confuse you, it’s just that some of them can fall under different categories. For example, drawings of guardian angels is listed under angel art and under guardian angels.

Happy browsing!

Angel Art

Angel Art - All types of angel-inspired art.
Angel Photos - You will love this collection of photos of angels.
Baby Angel Art - A mini gallery of baby angels.
Heavenly Art - Pieces inspired by angels.

Angel Paintings

Angel Paintings - Explore celestial art.
Angels Paintings - Lovely works of art featuring angels.
Paintings of Angels - More heavenly pieces of art.

Angel Drawings

Angel Drawing Gifts - Pictures and gifts inspired by angelic drawings.
Angel Drawing Gallery - Heavenly posters and art prints.
Angel Drawings - A gallery of wonderful angelic sketches and drawings.
Angel Drawings 2 - Another gallery of angel-inspited drawings.
Drawings of Angel Wings - Beautiful renderings of angel wings.
Drawings of Guardian Angels - Images depicting guardian spirits.

Angel Graphics

Angel Cartoon Gallery - Cute angelic cartoons.
Angel Graphics - Images of angelic beings.
Cartoon Angel Gallery - These cartoon angels will put a smile on your face.
Cartoon Angels - Another gallery of fun angel cartoons.
Cartoon Baby Angels - The cutest baby angels.
Guardian Angel Graphics - Visual representations of tutelary spirits.

Theater, Film and TV

Angel TV shows - A list of popular angel-themed shows of the small screen.

Angel Pictures

Angel and Baby Pictures - Lovely images of angels and babies.
Angel Images - Posters and art prints depicting heavenly angels.
Angel Images II - More lovely pictures showcasing angelic beings.
Angel of Light - Images and thoughts about angels of light.
Angel Pictures - A gallery of angelic pictures.
Baby Angel Images - Images of tiny angels.
Baby Angel Pictures - Pictures of the littlest of all angels.
Baby Angels - Cute little angels.
Cherub Angels - Pictures of baby angels.
Child Angels - Images depicting angels as children.
Crying Angel Pictures - Touching collection of crying angels.
Crying Angels Gallery - Another collection of crying angels.
Cute Baby Angels - Pictures of sweet little angels.
Fotos de Angeles - Hermosa galería de fotografías de angeles.
Gothic Angels - Pictures of angels with a darker side.
Guardian Angel Pictures - Images that pay homage to guardian spirits.
Guardian Angels Pictures - Additional pics of guardian spirits.
Imagenes de Angeles - Una bella colección de imágenes angelicales.
Lil Angels - Enjoy these little angels.
Pictures of Angels - More images of angels.
Pictures of Baby Angels - Pictures of sweet, adorable baby angels.
Pictures of Guardian Angels - More images of heavenly guides.
Sad Angel Pictures - A gallery showcasing sad angels.
Spiritual Angels - Pictures of airy, diaphanous angels.
Tiny Angels Gallery - More pictures of baby angels.
Weeping Angels - Poignant images of tearful angels.

Angel Gifts

Angel Gifts - Heavenly gift ideas.
Vintage Angels - Gifts inspired by old, classical, antique, and Victorian angels.

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels - All about guardian spirits.

Pictures and images

Drawings of Guardian Angels - A mini gallery of guardian angel illustrations.
Guardian Angel Graphics - Images of tutelary spirits.
Guardian Angel Pictures - Beautiful pictures of guardian angels.
Guardian Angels Pictures - Additional pictures of guardian spirits.
Guardian Angel Wings - Pictures of the wings of our guardian spirits.
More Pictures of Guardian Angels - Lovely images of tutelary angels.


Guardian Angel Lyrics - Songs inspired by guardian angels.

Poems, quotes and stories

Guardian Angel Poems - Heavenly poetry for all.
Guardian Angel Quotes - Find inspiration here.


Archangel Jophiel - The angel of illumination and wisdom.
Archangel Raphael - The divine healer.
Archangel Uriel - The angel of peace.
The Seven Archangels - Learn about these powerful divine beings.

Types of Angels

Angel Hierarchy - The orders of angels.
Healing Angels - Learn about several angels of healing here.
Types of Angels - Learn about the different kinds of angelic beings.

Angel Crafts and Christmas Projects

Angel Crafts - Ideas for making heavenly crafts.
Angel Christmas Cards - Make your own angel-themed holiday cards.
Angel Christmas Ornament Ideas - Video tutorials and ideas.
Christmas Angel Crafts - Festive Christmas ideas.
Handmade Christmas Decorations - Christmas craft ideas.
Handmade Christmas Gifts - Fun and inexpensive holiday gifts.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments - Easy-to-follow video tutorials and more.
Homemade Christmas Decorations - Homemade decoration ideas.
Homemade Christmas Ornaments - Make your own ornaments.

Angel Song and Music

Angel Eyes Lyrics - Lyrics to songs inspired by angel eyes.
Angel Lyrics - List of angelic songs.
Angel of Music Lyrics - The well-known tune from the Phantom of the Opera.
Concrete Angel Lyrics - The poignant song by Martina McBride.
Guardian Angel Lyrics - Songs inspired by guardian angels, both heavenly and earthly.
Lips of an Angel Lyrics - Lyrics to the song by Hinder.
Lyrics to Angel - Natasha Bedingfield’s Angel.
Sarah McLachlan’s Angel - Lyrics to this beautiful song.

Angel, Fairy and Magical Names

Angel Names - List of angelic names
Angelic Names - Names inspired by and/or derived from the word angel.
Archangel Names - The names of the chief angels.
Fairy Baby Names - Fairy names.
Fairy Names - More fairy names.
Female Fairy Names - A fun collection of names of female fairies.
Female Angel Names - This is a compilation of female names of angels and other feminine angelic names.
Fantasy Names - Names of fantasy creatures from all over the world.
Magical Names - Magical names from different sources.
Mystical Names - More magical and mystical names.
Mythical Names - A collection of names from myth and legend.
Names of Angels - Origin and meaning of angel names.
Names of Male Angels - A list of names of male angels from different sources.

Angels, Devas and Fairies

Fairy Baby Names - List of fairy names.
Fairy Names - Names of fairies galore.
Fairy Pictures - Lovely pictures of fairies.
Fairies Pictures - More beautiful pictures of fairy folk.
Nature Angels - Learn about the angels of nature, also called devas.
Pictures of Fairies - You will enjoy these images of magical creatures.

Heavenly Angels – Miscellaneous Stuff

Angel Bible Verses - Passages about angels and their interactions with people.
Angels in Heaven - Angels in heaven.
Angels in the Bible - Passages and quotes that mention angels.
Angels of the Bible - More quotes about angels of the Bible.
Bible Angels - Biblical stories to inspire you.
Heavenly Angels - Information about the celestial host.
Heavens Angels - Images of and thoughts about celestial angels.


Angel Wings - Pictures and more.
Angels Wings - More angelic wings.
Fantasy Creatures - A list of mythical creatures.

Quotes and Quotations

Angel Quote Garden - Favorite quotations about divine messengers.
Angel Quotes - Angelic insight and inspiration.
Angelic Quotes - A selection of angel-inspired quotations.
Angel Sayings - Thoughts and sayings about angels.
Christmas Quotes - You will enjoy this collection of Christmas quotes.
Christmas Sayings - Get into the Christmas spirit with these sayings and quotes about this Holy Season.
Fairy Sayings - Sayings about fairies and fairy tales.
Fairy Quotes - Quotations about magical beings.
Guardian Angel Quotes - Angelic sayings about angelic protectors.
Heaven Quotes - Quotations and thoughts about the heavenly realms.
Heavenly Quotes - Celestial quotes to inspire you.
Humorous Christmas Quotes - These quotations will put a smile on your face.
Inspiring Quotes - Inspiring sayings and quotations about angels and more.
Miracle Quotes - Miracles are all around us.
More Angel Quotes - Thoughts and insights inspired by angels.
More Quotes about Angels - Enjoy these quotations about the divine messengers.
Quotes on Angels - Another collection of angel-inspired quotes.

Angel Prayers

Angel of Healing Prayers - Prayers to Angel Raphael and the healing angels.
Angel Prayers - A collection of prayers to our angels.
Angels Praying - Pictures of praying angels, plus prayers.
Archangel Michael Prayers - Find strength in the presence of this beloved and powerful archangel.
Guardian Angel Prayer Compilation - A collection of prayers to our guardian spirits.
Praying Angels - Images, quotes and prayers.
Uriel the Archangel Prayers - Find here prayers for peace, grace and abundance.

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