Angel Christmas Cards

Looking for angel Christmas cards? Certainly, angel cards are some of the most popular Christmas cards. Whether you decide to buy or make, here you will find angel card tips and ideas.

How to make an angel-themed Christmas card

I’m not that crafty, so I’m always looking for the easiest way to make a card. Here’s a quick and easy way to make an angel card:

  • Gently fold a piece of cardboard or any other type of sturdy paper in half, making sure the borders are straight and aligned. Choose any color and size it according to your needs.

  • Place a angel cutout or sticker at the center of the card.

  • Write your Christmas message or greeting with a glitter pen.


  • Instead of using a folded piece of paper, use card stock. You will find sets in different colors, sizes and textures.

  • If you want a more elaborate design than the one I described above, use a craft hole edge puncher to add a pretty design to your card’s border. You can also use ribbon, tassels, craft charms, pins and many other decorative items. A visit to the paper section of your craft store will give you more ideas.

Need more ideas? Below you will find two video tutorials. These Christmas cards are very lovely and the instructions are easy to follow.

Video Tutorials

Thanks to YouTube and the video makers, here are some fun video instructions to help you make your own angel Christmas cards.

Fun angel card

Another angel themed Christmas card

A collection of vintage Angel Christmas Cards

Enjoy this lovely video with music by the Von Trapp children.


If you enjoy making your own cards, you may find the following books interesting. They are filled with lots of ideas and step-by-step instructions.

--Make and Colour Christmas Cards (Make & Colour) ~ by Clare Beaton

--Christmas Decorating: How to make and decorate your own festive cards, baubles, wreaths, candles, stockings, crackers and tree decorations ~ by Carolyn Bell

--How To Make Christmas Cards ~ by Quick Easy Guides

If you prefer to buy

Luckily, you will find angel cards very easily online., among many other online stores, offers a wide selection of angel holiday cards.

If you would like to give handmade cards, you will love There you will find one-of-a-kind angel cards.

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