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Concrete Angel is a song performed by Martina McBride. The song tells the story of a little girl who is abused by her alcoholic mother.Concrete Angel

And even though people around her see evidence of the abuse (including the girl’s teacher), they do little or nothing to prevent it. The mother finally beats the girl to death in a fit of rage.

The song, composed by Rob Crosby and Stephanie Bentley, was released in 2002. It quickly reached the #5 spot on the country music charts.

Concrete Angel was co-produced by McBride and Paul Worley.

Concrete Angel Video

Performed by Martina McBride.

In God’s eyes all children are angels.

And even though this song is sad, it brings awareness to a very real problem for many children. Maybe this song will help you save a child's life.

Note: The intellectual rights to this song belong to its respective owners. Please respect its copyright. This video is presented here for your personal use and enjoyment and it's brought to you courtesy of YouTube.

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