Guardian Angel Poems

Guardian angel poems allow us to express our love for our heavenly guides. Reading them also lifts our spirits, bring joy to our hearts, and make our day much brighter.

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Here are some inspiring poems about guardian angels:

To My Guardian Angel

by Frances Anne Kemble (Fanny) (1809-1893)

Quill Pen

Merciful spirit! who thy bright throne above
Hast left, to wander through this dismal earth
With me, poor child of sin! - Angel of love!

Whose guardian wings hung o'er me from my birth,
And who still walk'st unwearied by my side,

How oft, oh thou compassionate! must thou mourn
Over the wayward deeds, the thoughts of pride,
That thy pure eyes behold!

Yet not aside,
From thy sad task dost thou in anger turn;
But patiently, thou hast but gazed and sighed,

And followed still, striving with the divine
Powers of thy soul for mastery over mine;

And though all line of human hope be past,
Still fondly watching, hoping, to the last.

The Guardian Angel and Other Poems - Excerpt

by the Rev. G. F. Teisser (date unknown)

But thou, my Guardian Angel, whom to love
As man loves man doth fall not unto blame.

Who art thou ? or from whence in heaven above?
— Hast thou seen all the hidings of my shame,

My falls, and upward strivings from a child;
And stood beside me patiently, and mild,

A witness of the long repentance given
From God forgiving to the man forgiven?

Note: These poems are in the public domain in the United States, but they might not be in other countries. These works are presented here for your enjoyment and personal use only.

We trust in plumed procession
For such the angels go -
Rank after Rank, with even feet -
And uniforms of Snow.
~ Emily Dickinson

More poems about angels

Reading (and writing) a guardian angel poem is a form of prayer, a means to communicate your requests to your personal angel. Here are two more angel poems.

My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel watches over me,
Day and night he protects me,

His wings are my shield,
Stronger they are than the strongest steel,

He guides me with a gentle hand,
I know that with his help I can go forward, I know I can.

Thank You Guardian Angel

Thank you Guardian Angel,
For your love and guidance,
Because of your protection, I know all is well.

Guardian Angel, I thank you,
For being with me,
Faithfully, you are here when every day starts anew.

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