Angel Art

Looking for angel art? Great! Here you will find a list of

different types of angelic art. From angel posters to angel prints and from angel statues to angel photos, you will find the perfect piece of celestial art.

Angels have been a favorite subject matter for many an artist. The divine messengers of God have graced many a work, including medieval artworks, Renaissance paintings, and modern art prints.

These heavenly beings have also inspired sculptors, writers and musicians through different periods of history. So if you are looking for a gift of celestial art, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Types of Angelic Art

Original Angel PaintingAre you thinking about using angel art to decorate your home? Decidedly, representations of angels can be a beautiful way to bring inspiration and a touch of heaven to any place. Heavenly art can also be a wonderful gift for that special friend.

But before you decide which type of angel art to buy, consider your personal preferences and budget. And if the gift is for a friend, first determine what particular medium or style she favors.

Here are some ideas:

Angel posters. This is the perfect choice if your budget is limited. The good news is that there are many options to choose from. You will find a wide selection of posters (as well as affordable art prints) showcasing angels.

Angel prints. You can find many reproductions of famous paintings and other works, including:

  • Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Musician Angel by Battista di Jacopo.

You can also find original works created through the process of printmaking.

Angel photographs. Photographs of angel statues are very popular. These winged beings grace cemeteries, gardens, parks, and churches. Not surprisingly, these beautiful pieces have captured the imagination of many photographers. You can find individual photographs as well as books showcasing angel photos.

Angel paintings. A heavenly-inspired painting will add a touch of the divine to any room.

You can find beautiful hand-painted artworks based on the paintings of the masters, including Caravaggio, Diego Rivera, Bouguereau and many others. You can also find original works by talented artists.

Fantasy art pictures with angelic themes are very popular, too. Click here for a list of famous paintings of angels.

Heavenly art. There is a wide selection of angel and religious inspired works of art. The mini-gallery presented on this page is a small sample.

Angel drawings. These pieces make wonderful angel gifts. You will find a wide selection of gifts inspired by drawings of guardian angels and drawings of angel wings. Check out this angel drawing collection for lots of ideas.

Here are more pages showcasing angel drawings:

Angel statues. These pieces come in different styles, materials and sizes. Angel statuary is a great choice to decorate outdoor as well indoor spaces including living rooms, libraries, balconies, and gardens.

Angelic music. Ah... to hear the angels sing… Angel-themed and spiritual music will certainly lift your spirits! Here are a few heavenly songs you might enjoy:

  • Angels Song (by John Purifoy)

  • Carols of the Angels (also by John Purifoy), and

  • Angels We Have Heard On High (based on a popular French carol)

Angel clip art. What is clip art? This term refers to ready-to-use illustrations, graphics or images (usually in a digital format) that can be used to enhance any document. How can you use angel-inspired clip art? You can use it to decorate your home-made cards and other crafts, for example.

Ceramics and pottery pieces depicting angels. These pieces are not only beautiful, but they can also be practical. Examples of angel ceramics and angel pottery include decorative tiles, plates, mugs, tumbles, vases and bowls.

Still need more ideas of heavenly art?

The following pages have more examples of angelic art:

More angel-themed art

Angel pictures - Images of divine messengers.

Tiny angels gallery - A selection of cute baby angels.

Baby angel pictures - Another collection of angelic babies.

Baby angels in art - You will love this mini gallery showcasing artworks of baby angels.

Angel-inspired theater, film and TV

Angels on TV - A list of angel TV shows and movies.


Angel artists

Here are some of the artists whose works include angels:

--William Adolphe Bouguereau

--Marc Chagall

--Gustave Dore

--Melozzo da Forli

--Rene Guido

--Carlo Maratti

--Bartolome Esteban Murillo


--Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto

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