Drawings of Angel Wings

Looking for drawings of angel wings? Here you will find several angel wing drawings for your personal enjoyment. You can use

them as inspiration to make your own graphics.

Why are angels depicted as having wings?

In the Bible, angels are not described as winged beings. I think that artists gave angels their wings as a symbol of divinity and to indicate that angels were not bound by earthly laws. After all, angels can come and go, and appear and vanish at will.

Furthermore, of all the animals of the earth, birds seem to be the freest. So it seems fit that angels sport feathered wings.

Interestingly, angels are not the only supernatural beings portrayed as having wings. You will find gods and goddesses, fallen angels and demons, and even fictional heroes and villains who display wings. The Ancient Egyptians had the goddess Isis and the Ancient Greeks had the god Hermes. Both deities had wings. Go to this page to learn more about winged creatures.

Angel Wing Drawing

Angel Wings Symbolize:

  • Airiness
  • Angelic inspiration
  • Angelic protection
  • Dreams and desires
  • Expansion
  • Freedom
  • Goodness
  • The ability to soar
  • Willingness to break free

Philosophy will clip an angel's wings. ~ John Keats

Angels Wings Drawings

The following gifts and pictures showcase different types of angel wings. These items are brought to you in affiliation with Zazzle.com.

Gifts Inspired by Drawings of Angel Wings

There are so many angel-inspired articles that you will have no trouble finding the perfect angel gift. These are just a tiny sample:

Abstract drawing

Traditional Wings - Design on T-Shirt

More Angel Wings - T-shirt

More Angel Wing Drawings

The pictures below are brought to you in affiliation with Art.com. They make great gifts for lovers of all things angel.

The following is a very abstract type of wing:

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Plafond de Lopera - Lange...
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Another "abstract angel wing":

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Plafond de Lopera - la Fl...
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Another take on angelic wings:

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Plafond de Lopera - Boris...
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Thorns and stings
And those such things
Just make stronger
Our angel wings.

~ Terri Guillemets

Angel Wing Quotes

"How shall we tell an angel from another guest?
How, from the common worldly herd, One of the blest?
Hint of suppressed halo, rustle of hidden wings,
wafture of heavenly frankincense,-
Which is these things?
The old Sphinx smile so subtly:
'I give no golden rule,
Yet I would warn thee, World:
Treat well whom thou call'st fool'..."
~ Gertrude Hall

I'm just looking for an angel with a broken wing. ~ Jimmy Page

Every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets its wings. ~ Author Unknown

I hope you enjoyed the drawings of angel wings shown here.

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