Nature Angels

Devas and Nature Spirits

Nature angels are also known as devas.

The term Deva derives from the Sanskrit language and it means "being of light" or "shining one".

In Hinduism and Buddhism devas are described as powerful, exalted divine beings.

So what do devas do?

In classical Hinduism, devas are in charge of the creation of natural elements: fire, air, earth and water. According to these teachings, high ranking angels of nature are responsible for overseeing the cosmos and the evolution of creation.

Are devas the same as angels?

According to many experts and mystics, devas are also angels. The only difference is that instead of guiding individuals and Angel’s Falls groups of people, nature angels guide and protect nature and natural "things". Thus, they are sometimes called "earth angels".

Nature angels also supervise other nature spirits such as fairies and elementals.

Now, let's go a little deeper and learn more about these mystical beings who are the spiritual caretakers of nature.

Devas, Fairies and Elementals

What is the relationship between devas and nature spirits? Are devas (nature angels) the same as fairies?

As I understand it, devas are not the same as fairies and elementals (sometimes called nature spirits).

Elementals are nature spirits at the lower end of the scale, so to speak. Their functions are more "elemental", such as giving form to particles, plant forms, the elements, etc.

In her book The Real World of Fairies, Dora Van Gelder states that elementals are less organized than fairies.

Nature AngelNow, what are fairies? I use the word fairies here as an all-encompassing term that includes a variety of nature beings, including tree and garden fairies, sylphs, pixies, gnomes, and other nature beings. Other people may describe them and/or classify them in a different way.

What do fairies do? Many seers and mystics agree that fairies are in charge of overseeing the growth and functioning of flowers, plants, grass, and water – among other tasks.

In The Real World of Fairies, the author explains that devas or angels of nature are in charge of supervising the fairies in their activities. She describes angels as majestic beings of light, intelligence and power.

Contacting Nature Angels

Mystics both past and present claim that we can all contact nature angels. This activity is particularly beneficial if you want to get help with your garden, a plant, or other similar nature-related objective.

Here are some general tips and recommendations on how to contact nature spirits and angels:

--Modern mystics say that one easy way to accomplish this is by getting close to nature. So going to the beach, a park, garden, or forest and spending time there is a fantastic idea. Establishing a connection with nature will certainly revitalize you and open your heart to new realities.

A fairy forest--Once you are surrounded by nature, meditate. This doesn’t have to be complicated: just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and try to keep your mind free of thoughts – even if only for a few moments.

--Then ask the nature angels for help and guidance about your problem or goal. You may also address the nature spirit or nature angel in charge of a particular plant that you need help with. It helps to have pen and paper ready for any thoughts and ideas you may receive during your meditation period. Write down anything that comes to your mind. You may be surprised at the information you get.

--End the session with a prayer of thanks to the nature spirits.

Inviting nature spirits and angels into your lives or simply acknowledging them will open a whole new world for you. Next time you go near a tree or garden, mentally salute the spirits that are caring for them. This gesture will open your mind and heart to the presence of angels.


Do you want to learn more about this magical topic? Here are some interesting books about the angels of nature:

Working with Angels, Fairies & Nature Spirits by William Bloom

The Real World of Fairies by Dora Van Gelder

The Healing Power of Faery: Working with Elementals and Nature Spirits to Soothe the Body and Soul by Edain McCoy

Devas, Nature Spirits And Angels by Amber M. Tuttle

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