Angel Gifts

You can find angel gifts nearly everywhere: at shopping malls, museum shops, gift shops … and of course online.

Some of the online places where you can find a unique and high-quality angel gift include: online gift shops, online auctions, and – among many others.

The angel-inspired items you’ll find run the whole gamut: from the unique and original to the traditional and simple, and from the affordable and inexpensive to the high-end and pricey.

With so many options, where do you start? Here are some angel and religious gift ideas, and the places to find them:

Angel gift ideas

Girl Angel with GiftLooking for a Christmas present? Need a special gift in a hurry?

Here are some angel-inspired gift ideas. These items will certainly bring a piece of heaven to the gift’s recipient.

Angel candles. This idea is great for any occasion. Selected stores carry a wide array of candles in the shape of angels. You can also find candles decorated with angel images.

Angel candle holders and candlesticks. These items add an ethereal touch to any spot.

Angel accessories. From decorative plates to cushions, and from glass cases to pill cases, you will find the right angelic accessory for your or your friends.

Angel calendars. Never miss an important date. Heavenly angels will gently remind you with the help an angelic calendar.

Angel fragrance. How does heaven smell? Do angels have a favorite perfume? Maybe I don’t have an answer to these questions, but you can certainly find angel-inspired perfumes here on earth.

Angel magazines. Angels on Earth magazine and other spiritual magazines make wonderful gifts for your spiritual-minded friends.

Garden angels. Angels and gardens… can there be anything more relaxing? Beautify your garden with angel-themed whirligigs, angel statues, birdfeeders, and other pieces of garden art.

Angel t-shirts. You will find t-shirts showcasing angels in different styles. Several online stores also allow you to personalize your t-shirts.

Angel-inspired art. Visit our angel art page for lots of ideas.

DVDs of angel-inspired movies and TV shows. Rediscover Touched by an Angel and Highway to Heaven. These shows were very popular in their day, and they still have a following of devoted fans.

Angel-themed garden stones. Add a touch of beauty and spirituality to any green space.

Angel music box. Lighten up your spirit with heavenly music. This makes a great gift for collectors of all things angel.

Angel ornaments. A set of angel-themed ornaments makes a wonderful housewarming gift.

Angel baby gift ideas. From clothing to accessories, and from furniture to books, you will find the perfect angel-themed gift for your baby.

Vintage Angels. You will find a wide array of gifts inspired by vintage angels (classical, antique, angels).

Top places to find heavenly gifts

There are many places where you can find angel, spiritual and inspirational gifts. Here are some ideas of where you can find them, online and off.


  • Angel online stores

  • eBay and other online auctions


  • Online general gift stores

  • Online art and craft galleries, i.e.


  • Museum shops

  • Specialty shops

  • Gift shops

  • Flea markets

  • Art and craft shows

  • Auction houses

  • Shopping malls

  • Art galleries

  • Street fairs

3 ways to make your angel gifts unique

Do you want to give a gift that is out of the ordinary? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Make your own angel gifts. Unleash your creativity and make your own angel-inspired gifts.

    What can you make? Christmas ornaments, handmade angel dolls, and greeting cards, among many other articles. For specific ideas and easy instructions check out Making Angels, Ornaments, and Dolls by Hand: Step-by-Step Instructions for 47 Projects by Holly Harrison.

  2. Personalize your gifts. Several online stores allow you to decorate t-shirts and other items using your own graphics.

  3. Buy handmade gifts. You can find unique and original gift at places like and

Unique Gift Ideas and Fun Stuff

Angel costumes. Find a variety of angel costumes for adults and kids at

Road Angel Charm

The Road Angel car charms protects you in your travels.

They attach to your rear view mirror and come with pink, black or clear crystals. Each charm also comes with a coordinating organza bag and legend card.

They make great gifts!

For more information visit

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