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Welcome to your guide to angel art and gifts. is the perfect place for seekers of angel-inspired art, angel gifts, and information about heavenly angels.

For He shall give his angels charge over thee,
to keep thee in all thy ways. ~ Psalm 91:11

What will you find here?

  • Examples of angel artwork
  • Angel gift ideas
  • Angel jewelry
  • Angel stories
  • Angel poems
  • Angel prayers
  • Information about angels and the angelic realm

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Why angels?

Golden Angel Angels are the messengers of God and they are all around us. They guide us, they protect us, they inspire us.

Throughout history, people have found comfort in angels. Their artistic depictions have been with us ever since ancient times.

Today, angels are more popular than ever. They show up in books, movies, TV shows, music, and of course, art.

It seems as though we can’t get enough of angels. Angel-themed art reminds us of their presence and brings a little bit of joy amidst the difficulties we face each day.

So if you:

...are looking for a unique angelic work of art,

...or are searching for an angel-inspired gift,

...or want to share your very own angel story,

...or want to learn more about angels,

...or just want to find celestial inspiration,

Then this is the place for you.

My love of the angelic realm inspired me to create this site. I hope you find a bit of heaven among these pages.

I invite you to explore your very own angel garden...

Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe. ~ from The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman

Purple Angel

Table of Contents

Angel Art and Gift Updates
Angel Art and Gift Updates keeps you abreast of the latest in angel art and gifts.
Angel Art - Fantasy Art Pictures - Heavenly Art
Looking for angel art? Great! Here you will find a list of different types of angelic art. From angel posters to angel prints, you will find the perfect piece of celestial art.
Angel Gifts - Heavenly Gifts - Angel Baby Gift Ideas
You can find lots of angel gifts online. You can find a unique and high-quality angel gift at online gift shops, online auctions, and many other places. Here are some angel and religious gift ideas.
Angel Pictures - Pictures of Angels - Angelic Pictures
Angel pictures bring a bit of peace and solace to any place. They are also wonderful decorative items. Check out the pictures shown here. Maybe you'll find you're favorite angel picture among them.
Guardian Angels - Guardian Angel Gift Ideas
Guardian angels... Are they really watching over us? What is a guardian angel? Are we really guided and protected by the divine? Learn more about these spirits here.
Guardian Angel Poems - Poems about Angels
Guardian angel poems allow us to express our love for our heavenly guides. Reading them also lifts our spirits. Here are some inspiring poems about guardian angels.
Angel Raphael - Archangel Raphael
The angel Raphael is associated with healing. In fact, the root of the name Raphael (Rophe) means doctor or medicine. In Hebrew, the name of arch angel Raphael means "God Heals".
Types of Angels - Angel Types
How many types of angels are there? Find here information about the different kinds of angels. Each angel type has its own purpose.
The Seven Archangels
Who are the seven archangels? More importantly, what is an archangel? Find the answers to these questions here. Also learn about the archangels who serve on the seven rays.
Angel Names - Celestial Names - Angelic Names
The angel names listed here appear in sacred texts of Jewish and Christian beliefs, including the Bible and apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch. Other names of angels come from lore and mythology.
Angel Lyrics - Angel Songs - Angel Music
Angel lyrics will inspire you and lift your spirit. That's the power of angelic inspiration. Indeed, angels have inspired many artists and musicians. Check the angel song lyrics presented here.
Angel Wings - Wings of Angels - Pictures of Wings of an Angel
Where does the concept of angel wings come from? In the Bible, angels are not described as having wings. Learn about angelic wings here. Also find pictures of angels wings.
Fairy Pictures - Fairy Art - Pictures of Fairies
Here are some lovely fairy pictures. They are filled with magic, mysticism and beauty. I hope you enjoy these pictures of fairies.
Fairy Baby Names - Fairy Names
Are you looking for fairy baby names? Here you will find a list of fairy names, names inspired by mythical beings and other magical names.
Pictures of Fairies - Fairy Pictures - Fairies Pictures
Pictures of fairies will add a touch of magic, charm and mysticism to spot in your home or office. Fairy art showcasing these otherworldly beings also inspire joy. Check these fairies pictures.
Angel Quotes - Quotes about Angels - Inspirational Quotes
Looking for angel quotes? Here's a collection of quotes about angels by famous people, mystics, philosophers, and anonymous authors. These angel quotations will inspire you.
Fantasy Creatures - Mythical Creatures - Winged Creatures
Angels are not the only so-called fantasy creatures that sport wings. You will find here a whole host of winged creatures.
Heavenly Angels - Pictures of Heavens Angels - Angels in Heaven
For centuries, heavenly angels have been depicted as ethereal, divine, beautiful beings who interact with humankind. Learn more about heaven angels here.
Angel Prayers - How to Pray - Prayer Tips
These angel prayers will help you feel closer to God and the angels. But consider these prayers as a starting point, think of them as a source of inspiration. Find a guardian angel prayer here.
Nature Angels - Nature Spirits - Earth Angels
Nature angels are also known as devas. The term Deva derives from the Sanskrit language and it means "being of light" or "shining one". Learn more about these luminous and powerful beings here.
Angel Crafts and Christmas Crafts
Ready for some heavenly craft ideas? Here are some fun video tutorials to help you make your own angel crafts. There are a couple of jewelry projects, and a cute punch art project.'s sitemap
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