What is your favorite
Angel TV Show?

My all-time favorite angel TV show is Touched by an

Angel, an American drama series starring Roma Downey, Della Reese and John Dye. This Angel TV series, with its message of love and hope, became one of the most popular shows on TV.

Touched by an Angel premiered on CBS in 1994 and it ran for 211 episodes and 9 seasons. The series ended in 2003.

Angels, it seems, are very popular - even on TV. Here’s a list of popular angel TV shows, angel TV movies, and angels who’ve made TV appearances:

Angel TV Series

Angels on TV

Angels in America (HBO miniseries, 2003). Adapted from Tony Kushner’s play of the same name, Angels in America was one of the most-watched, made-for-cable movies of 2003.

In Angels…, an angel tells Prior - an AIDS patient - that he can be a prophet of God, and help save himself and humankind.

Interestingly, the angels of this tale have a bit of the "devil" in them. Emma Thompson played the role of the titular angel in the TV version of Angels in America.

Fallen (2006). This ABC Family miniseries, starring Paul Wesley, Fernanda Andrade and Rick Worthy, was based on the novel series The Fallen.

Fallen follows high school student Aaron Corbett who discovers he’s one of the nephilim (part human, part angel). In Hebrew the word nephilim means "fallen ones". According to legend, nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and human women.

Initially, this angel series was presented as an original movie. It was later followed (in 2007) by 2 new episodes.

Highway to Heaven (NBC, 1984-1989). This angel-inspired television series chronicles the comings and goings of Jonathan (played by Michael Landon), an angel who is sent to Earth to "earn his wings". Victor French played Mark Gordon, Jonathan’s human sidekick.

A popular angel TV show, Highway to Heaven ran for 111 episodes and 5 seasons.

Teen Angel (Disney Channel, 1989). This was a short-lived angel series starring Jason Priestly. In Teen Angel, Priestly plays the role of Buzz, a guardian angel who must earn his entry into heaven by completing several assignments.

This angel TV show only lasted one season and it ran for 12 episodes.

Teen Angel (ABC, 1997-1998). This fantasy comedy series follows high school student Steve Beauchamp (played by Corbin Allred) and his deceased best friend Marty DePolo (played Mike Damus). Marty is Steve’s clueless guardian angel.

Teen Angel ran only for 1 season and 17 episodes.

Saving Grace (TNT, 2007-2010). This American television crime drama revolves around Grace Hanadarko (played by Holly Hunter) and her efforts at redemption.

Earl, a "last-chance" angel (played by Leon Rippy), gives Grace, a heavy-drinking, hard-partying, chain-smoker, promiscuous detective, another opportunity to straighten her life. Kenny Johnson, Bailey Chase and Laura San Giacomo also star in this series.

Touched by an Angel (CBS, 1994-2003). The series focused on Monica (an angel played by Roma Downey) and her "cases". Monica has been promoted from the "search and rescue team" to a new role as a guide and counselor to humans. She helps charges find hope and inspires them to make better decisions. Tess (an angel played by Della Reese) is Monica’s supervisor.

It's a Wonderful Life (released in the USA in 1947). Even though it's not strictly a TV show, It's a Wonderful Life is a staple on the small screen.

This classic movie, starring James Stewart (George Bailey), Donna Reed (Mary Hatch Bailey) and Henry Travers (Clarence), tells the story of George Bailey, a down-on-his-luck businessman who is about to commit suicide on Christmas Eve.

Clarence, an angel who has been sent to Earth to earn his wings, saves George by showing him what life would have been, if he hadn't taken the actions he took throughout his life.

You can catch It's a Wonderful Life on TV (USA) around Christmas time.

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