Paintings of Angels

There are many well-known paintings of angels. Indeed, angels appear in many paintings of the Renaissance as well as in works of earlier and later periods.

Interestingly, in many instances angels are not the central theme of the painting. They are often portrayed as supportive characters.

Often times angels are depicted as messengers, guardians and protectors, and in some angel paintings, they appear as companions or attendants to divine beings like Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Of course, the theme of angels as messengers is obvious, as they are considered God’s messengers. Another recurring theme is that of the annunciation of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Detail of Two Angels

However, angels are portrayed as the main character in many angels paintings. The paintings of the Archangel Michael are one example of this theme. You will also find lots of modern paintings in which angels are the central theme.

Angel Paintings

If you are looking for a unique angels painting consider this list of paintings of angels. The name of each angel art work is followed by the date it was painted/completed (if it is known) and the artist.

--The Sistine Madonna, detail (angels appear at the bottom of the painting), 1513-1514, Raphael

--Madonna with the Fish, 1512-1514, Raphael

--The Annunciation, c. 1570, by El Greco

--Matthew and the Angel, 1602, Caravaggio

--The Annunciation, date n/a, Beato Angelico

--The Sacrifice of Isaac, 1635, Rembrandt

--Annunciation, Duccio di Boninsegna

--Pieta un Angelo, Antonello Da Messina

Paintings of the archangels:

--Saint Raphael the Archangel by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

--Saint Raphael, Archangel by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

--The Archangel Raphael Advises Tobias to Catch a Fish by Chiesa

--Tobias and the Angel by Verrocchio

--The Archangel Michael, 1490, Juan De La Abadia

--The Archangel Michael defeating Satan, Guido Reni

Luckily, you will find excellent reproductions of these paintings. And needless to say, these works of art make wonderful gifts.

Fresco depicting Angels

Do you have a favorite angel painting? Keep checking back as I'll add pictures of the paintings mentioned here. Maybe you will find a special painting that will lift your spirits!

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