Angelic Names

Looking for angelic names? Here are some angel names for you to consider. Even though they are not names of angels per se, they are inspired by or derived from the word angel.

AngelsMost of the angel-inspired names listed here come from the Greek and Hebrew languages. But you will also find a few names that originate in other cultures and religions.

You will find both male and female names. I hope you enjoy going through this list of angels names.

Angelic Names

Agathangelos - "Good Angel", from the Greek agathos meaning good and angelos meaning angel.

Aingeru - Basque word meaning "angel".

Anděl - Angel in Czech.

Ange - Angel in French.

Angela - Feminine variation of the name Angel.

Angeles - Spanish name meaning "angels". It is used as a female name, i.e. Maria de los Angeles.

Angelica - Female name derived from the name Angelico meaning "angelic".

Angelika - The German and Polish version of the name Angelica.

Angelina - Diminutive form of the name Angela.

Angelico - Italian name meaning "angelic" or "angel-like".

Angelicus - Latin name meaning "angelic".

Angelique - French feminine version of the Latin Angelicus.

Angelo - Italian for angel.

Angelos - Greek word meaning messenger.

Angelus - Latin variation from the Greek Angelos.

Angiolo - Florentine Italian variation of the Latin Angelus.

Anzhelo - Bulgarian version of the Greek Angelos.

Arcangelo - Archangel in Italian.

Engel - German name meaning angel.

Engelbert - German name possibly meaning "bright angel".

Engjell - Albanian for angel.

Evangelos - From the Greek Eu "good" and angelos "angel". Evangelus is the Latin variation.

Evangelina, Evangeline - "Good little angel". The name is derived from the Greek Evangelos.

Ingelbert - A variation of the name Engelbert (see above).

Mal'ak - Angel in Arabic.

Malaika - Arabic word meaning "angels".

Mariangela - Spanish female name composed of the name Maria and the name Angela.

Melek - Turkish name meaning "angel".

Michelangelo - Italian name composed of Michele - "Who is like God?" and Angelo - "angel".

Rosangela - "Rose Angel". Italian and Spanish female name composed of Rosa meaning "rose" and Angela meaning "angel".

Seraphinus - Latin variant for Seraph (Seraphim – plural form), meaning "the burning one".

Vangelis - A variation of the Greek name Evangelus.

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