Angel Eyes Lyrics

You will find here information about several Angel Eyes lyrics. The theme of angel eyes is a very popular one among many singers and composers. After all, what lover hasn’t compared the eyes of his or her beloved to those of an angel?

Angel Eyes

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Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald sung two versions of Angel Eyes. The lyrics of this song suggest that the person who inspired the song has heavenly eyes. Here's a video featuring the great Ms. Fitzgerald.

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Angel Eyes

- Performed by The Jeff Healy Band

When one thinks of angels eyes one imagines eyes full with purity, beauty and peace. In this song, the singer expresses his surprise at having impressed a person with beautiful eyes.

I hope you enjoyed the Angel Eyes song lyrics and videos presented here. You would agree that these tunes embody a sense of longing and a touch of the divine.

Angels Eyes songs and more...

--Other artists who have recorded a song titled Angel Eyes include:

  • ABBA (1970)
  • Ace of Base (1995)
  • Earl Brent and Matt Dennis (1953)
  • Jerry Cantrell (2002)
  • Steelheart (1991)

--Angel Eyes was the title of a Willie Nelson album released in 1984

It seems like Angel Eyes music is very popular.

Note: The intellectual rights to these songs belong to their respective owners. The videos shown here are presented here for your personal use and educational purposes, courtesy of YouTube.

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