Angel of Light

The term Angel of Light has often been used to refer to Lucifer, the fallen angel. The name Lucifer derives from Latin and it means light-bearer. In the Latin translation of the Bible, this is the name given to the Morning Star or Day Star.

So how did this name was later used as the name of a fallen angel? Somehow a passage from the Bible was mixed with legends about the ancient myth of the fallen angels, who by the way, were associated with the Morning Star.

The prophet Isaiah (in Isaiah 14:3-20) tells the story of how - with the help of God - the powerful king of Babylon (known as the Morning Star), has been brought down, like a star fallen from heaven. In the Latin version of the Bible, the Morning Star becomes Lucifer. From there, the name was given to the most famous of the fallen angels, who according to legend was a powerful archangel.

The name would later be associated with the devil. However, there is no mention in the Bible that the name of the devil is Lucifer.

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own. ~ Ben Sweetland

My Angel of Light

I believe that all angels are angels of light. They embody, I believe, the perfection, the goodness, and the purity of the Divine. So in essence, they are beings of love and light. I also believe that God and goodness are the truth of the universe, and that the appearance of evil is merely transitory.

Here are some artistic representations of angels of light. These pictures are brought to you in affiliation with

Pink Light Angel

Below is an exquisite angelic depiction by artist Paula Majeski.

Pink Light Angel

Pink Light Angel
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Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us,
and then we'll need no other light.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Angel of Light

The wings of this angel seem to be made out of gold. Or light.

The Angel of Light

The Angel of Light
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From within or from behind,
a light shines through us upon things,
and makes us aware that we are nothing,
but the light is all.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gift Ideas

An angel-inspired gift can bring a touch of joy and inspiration to the recipient. You will find tons of gifts inspired by divine beings including posters, calendars and other decorative articles. The following items are brought to you in affiliation with

Angel of Fire

Angel Rose

White Light Angel


The light of God dispels the darkness,
My mind and heart are filled with understanding and clarity,
And the angels of God illuminate my path.

I am not afraid,
For I know God is with me.
I am surrounded by the Divine Light of God,
And I am always divinely guided and protected.

All is well.

Angel of Light 2

My angel of light is always with me,
I do not fear the night
Because the light of God illumines the path.

Angel of Light

I know that the shadows are part of life
But they are not permanent
Even in the darkest of night
The stars filled the sky with brilliancy

I know the sun will come out
To dispel all darkness.

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