Cherub Angels

Enjoy our small collection of cherub angels. These baby angels are sure to spark feelings of tenderness, love and kindness.

What is a cherub? We all have seen the rosy-cheeked, baby angels with tiny wings. But surprisingly, the cherubs (the correct plural word is cherubim) mentioned in the Bible are bold and frightening angel warriors.

Cherub in the GardenIt is not clear when the cherubim started being portrayed as baby angels. However, experts believe that this trend started during the Italian Renaissance. During this period, many painters started portraying angels as tiny angels with wings.

Scholars believe that these winged babies - known as putti - have their origin in Greco-Roman mythology. These putti are associated with Eros (Cupid), the god of love, and Erato, the muse of lyric and love poetry.

Cherubim, on the other hand, are a high-ranking order of powerful angels.

This article about angel hierarchy explains the different types of angels and angelic orders.

Fun Info about Cherubs

  • Cherubs are mentioned in the Torah.

  • As mentioned above, after the Renaissance cherubs have been confused with putti, innocent souls depicted as winged little children and babies. Putti are not cherubim.

  • Cherubs are a popular theme in art. You will find lots of paintings and sculptures depicting baby angels.


Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~ Author Unknown


Cherubs - Mini Gallery

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Detail of the Sistine Madonna

Detail of the Sistine Madonna, c.1514

Detail of the Sistine Madonna, c.1514
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A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.
~ Author Unknown

A Chorus of Angels

Adoration of the Sheperds

Adoration of the Sheperds
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Sometimes your friends are actually guardian angels in disguise.
~ Author Unknown

A Painting of Cherubs

The First Kiss, c.1873 (detail)

The First Kiss, c.1873 (detail)
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How wonderful it must be to speak the language of the angels, with no words for hate and a million words for love!
~ Eileen Elias Freeman

The Birth of Venus

Birth of Venus

Birth of Venus
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Angels and ministers of grace defend us.
~ William Shakespeare

Angels Always There

Whenever I’m in fervent prayer
I feel God’s holy angels there;
Protective, loving, and serene;
Who stay nereby, tho yet unseen.
Thus, when I feel my heart might break,
I try to smile for Jesus’ sake;
Whose angels let my faith not dim
That I might see the smile of Him!

~ Sancie Earman King

Cherub Painting

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